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"no rule to make target" error on nios software build tool

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Hello everybody,  


I've got issues with Nios II SBT. I can't seem to have any sample project correctly built: 


All I really just do is choosing the template (in my case simple socket server) and the sopcinfo file but it gives me an error message 


I've tried with version 12.1sp1 and 13.0 but without luck: the error I get is 



make all  

Info: Building ../simple_socket_server_test_bsp/ 

make --no-print-directory -C ../simple_socket_server_test_bsp/ 

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/cygdrive/c/NIOS_Projects/tse_tutorial/software/simple_socket_server_test_bsp/system.h', needed by `all'. Stop. 

make: *** [../simple_socket_server_test_bsp/-recurs-make-lib] Error 2 




Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated 


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