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remote update reconfiguration with arria 5

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I build a QSYS system including, (among other things) a nios2 processor and the remote update IP.  

Then I wrote a short program (with the nios2 software build tools for eclipse) just to make sure that the reconfiguration functionality work fine, but it did not. It did not even fall back to the factory configuration after the reconfiguration did not happened with the desired configuration a addressed the IP. (Although a factory configuration does exist in address 0 and the device using it when I power it up). 

To be sure my problem is not in the card itself, I tried to use the IP without the NIOS2 processor. In this case the reconfiguration functionality DID work fine, and when I gave it wrong configuration address I DID fall back to the factory configuration – so from this I can be sure the problem does not in the PCB but in the QSYS system or with my short program, or with the IP itself.  

To be sure I created good QSYS system I created the same system to the a cyclone device, changed the IP and the short program, to fit this device. In this case the reconfiguration functionality DID work fine again.  

The short program I wrote to the aria v device to test the reconfiguration functionality is: 

iowr(remote_update_0_base, 0x4,0x1) 

iowr(remote_update_0_base, 0x6,0x1) 

The first line meant to change to application mode and the next it the reconfiguration command itself.  

I didn’t write other parameters, because for starter I wanted to see if it can load the factory configuration (which I can be sure that exist) from address 0. 

Please help me to find out what am I doing wrong. 

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