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toolchain. Plese point me to the right direction

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Hello All,  


after nearly a month trying to compile the toolchain required to start writing some apps, I am just giving up on the whole thing 


Can someone point me to where I can find the lates binary toolchain? 


on the install nios II linux on altera wiki, it tells me to download the 20100621 tarball 

but it says that if i have problems compiling the toolchain I should download the 20080203 binary tool chain 


my questions are: 

-should I just you that binarytoolchain with the 2010 library? 

- I'm on ubuntu 11.04 , X64 system, do I relly need the 4.2 gcc, and if so where do you guys get it form because its not even at the ubuntu 11.04 repositories. 


- also if when I download the binary toolchain , should I just drop it in the ..../nios2-linux/toolcahin-builds/ folder? 


thanks a bunch its my first time trying to run an embedded linux enviroment. 


I appreciate all the help I can get.  

Please help. I am really on a dead end here.
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Hey guys,  


Sorry for the bump. 


Im really in a bind here. I actually during the weekend have untarred the 2008 toolchain  

inside of the .../nios2-linux/toolchain-build (where the $PATH points to) and I have tried to compile the hello world from the install niosII linux page. 

and I get an error that it cannot open the header file.  


Thanks for any help 

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Are you trying to compile the toolchain for Linux with or without an MMU? 


I recommend using a 32-bit host to compile the toolchain -- I never had any success on 64-bit.
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