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GPU driver for Intel Cherry View



I am trying to run the motion estimation example on an Intel UP Board with the Cherry View GPU.

Right now I am using the beignet drivers, but their implementation is not stable (segfaulting while enqueuing Kernels).

Is there a intel supplied openCL for this GPU? If so, even a preliminary version would be much appreciated.


Thank you very much.

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Since you mentioned Beignet I'm assuming you're working in Linux.  There are two main paths for OpenCL on Intel processors for Linux:

  1. Beignet, based on open source components from
  2. Intel SDK for OpenCL applications (part of Intel Media Server Studio or standalone)

Option #2 supports a smaller list of processors.  Unfortunately there are not many options for currently released Atom processors in Linux, though more Atom coverage is coming for future Atom hardware generations.  So for this processor I suspect your best path forward will be with Beignet.  They have a mailing list at ( which may be able to help you with more details.  This may qualify as a bug to submit through their bugzilla (

In the meantime, if you have a system with a Core processor accessible for development you could preview Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications functionality which will have more options for Atom in the future.

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