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How to integrate VLC with MSS QuickSync video

Hi, I have MSS Pro installed on my system. I would like to run VLC using the MSS video accelerator to benchmark some video apps. How do I know if VLC is using the MSS QuickSync accelerator ? If not, how do I configure VLC to use it? Thanks my platform is a NUC with i5-5300U, HD Graphics 5500, running Windows 7
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Hi Mike, 

You can use Media Server Studio samples to run benchmarks using hw acceleration. We have samples for various common use cases like encoding/decoding/transcoding/video processing in this package which can be run to check performance. VLC is not configured to use hw acceleration provided through Intel Media Server Studio.
Here is the link where you can find the package to the package - For any additional documentation like user guides & manual, check this page - 

This forum answer any queries related to OpenCL not Media related, due to which it took us a while to reply here.
If you have any further queries about the Media product please post your queries on Media forum



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