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Installation OpenCL 2.0 for Skylake 6200u and Ubuntu 17.10 (Kernel 4.10)



I downloaded OpenCL™ 2.0 GPU/CPU driver package for Linux* (64-bit) and there is a patch for Linux Kernel 4.7 available. I was wondering if there is a way to patch Linux Kernel 4.10.

When trying to brute-force patch 4.10 with 4.7 data then at

patch -p1 < /opt/intel/opencl/kernel-4.7.patch

it it complains at with

can't find file to patch at input line 321


Do you have maybe a solution or workaround for that? Thanks a lot:)


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You have a few options:

  1. Easiest (but may not have everything you need if you are using some of the new 4.10 features): downgrade your kernel to 4.7 and use the provided patches.
  2. While we only validate with the full set of patches, many of the changes are pulled in from kernel versions closer to the tip.  Especially if you are using a newer kernel you may find that your OpenCL app works without issues.  Going to an newer kernel than 4.10 may be beneficial too. Please note that this won't be a fully supported configuration, so our ability to help with issues you encounter will be much more limited.  You will want to fully validate that your app works as expected.
  3. There is no automatic patching for newer kernels, but we do provide a description of the patches in the release notes section "Linux kernel 4.7 patch description".  The intent is to help you prioritize the work to merge the patches for other kernels.  As you can see there is a good chance you will not need all of them.  Please note that patching a different kernel is also at your own risk.  We can give you the ingredients but our ability to help with issues that come up while applying the patches is limited.
Intel validates OpenCL driver with the full set of the 17 patches for Linux 4.7 kernel.

1 drm/i915: Add (HSW) L3_LRA_1 Register to cmdparser whitelist
2 drm/i915: Android MOCS on top of upstream
3 drm/i915: Exec flag to force non IA - fine grain coherent cache for Gen9+
4 Revert "drm/i915/skl: Fix spurious gpu hang with gt3/gt4 revs"
5 drm/i915: OA regs configuration for MDAPI TBS (VTune support)
6 drm/i915: Allow a render node to use perfmon ioctl (VTune support)
7 drm/i915: Fix ref counting for RC6 WA BB alloc/dealloc (VTune support)
8 drm/i915/perfmon: Fixup locking on error path in RC6 WA BB alloc (VTune support)
9 drm/i915: Remove unused "valid" parameter from pte_encode (bug fix)
10 drm/i915/gtt: Split gen8_ppgtt_clear_pte_range (BDW bug fix)
11 drm/i915/gtt: Free unused lower-level page tables (bug fix)
12 drm/i915/gtt: Mark tlbs dirty on clear (bug fix)
13 drm/i915/gtt: Fix pte clear range (bug fix)
14 drm/i915: Add support for OCL Turbo Boost (perf enhancement)
15 drm/i915/bxt: Enable Pooled EU support (BXT specific)
16 drm/i915/bxt: Add WaEnablePooledEuFor2x6 (BXT specific)
17 Implement WaDisablePooledEuLoadBalancingFix (BXT specific)


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