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OpenCL Sandy Bridge CPU driver and khr_gl_sharing

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Is there a opencl 1.2 CPU driver for a "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz" that support khr_gl_sharing with the HD2000 GPU?
If I install the OpenCL™ Runtime 15.1 I get a opencl 1.2 cpu driver but it has no khr_gl_sharing

The opencl 1.1 cpu driver that comes with the graphics driver does support khr_gl_sharing

Does Intel support opencl CPU khr_gl_sharing with older Intel GMA graphics chipsets (for opencl 1.1? opencl 1.2?)
What about non-intel graphics chipsets (Nvidia, AMD etc)

Is there a table of what is supported on what?

On my Haswell machine the opencl driver is opencl 1.2 and supports cl_khr_gl_sharing
if I install the OpenCL™ Runtime 15.1 on it I get a 5.0.? cpu driver without khr_gl_sharing

Anyway. My application need khr_gl_sharing and prefers opencl 1.2. I need to be able to tell people what works and what doesn't.



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Please see the latest and greatest Sandy Bridge drivers here:

If they don't support cl_khr_gl_sharing on the CPU, you are probably out of luck.

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I need openCL 1.2 (CPU) support for intel hd 3000 for i7-2640m sandy bridge.

I also need openGL 3.3 support for i7-2640m sandy bridge.

I need Intel development support to continue developing our driver and our graphics card.

Please do your best.

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