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OpenCL of ARC 770 on top of Windows 10 WSL2


I am an enthusiastic BOINC cruncher (volunteer) who are running a lot of distribted computing tasks across BOINC communities. Many of them are dedicated to GPU tasks such as nVIDIA or AMD.

Recently I purchased one Intel ARC 770 16G PCI-e adapter, install it on an older PC with Windows 10 and WSL2 (22H2)

By installing up-to-date NEO compute

It said that WSL2 is supported. And then I run a BOINC project (NumberFields)

It has a beta app by using Intel OpenCL calculations

However, Intel ARC with Neo compute at WSL2 will bring death blue-screen by running a while of OpenCL tasks.

I have another PC, which is NUC12SNKi7 i-71200H with ARC 770m, running real Ubuntu 20.04 and play the same BOINC tasks. It can run without problem of any OpenCL consumption.


WSL2 + OpenCL + Intel Neo compute run-time + ARC 770 may be still in a disaster quality milestone which cause death.

Please try to check those compatibilities


By the way, on Ubuntu 22.04, with OpenCL and Neo compute run-time on top of 11th Gen TigerLake, it also will cause GPU hang and heartbeat dead by up-to-date run-time

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