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Multiuser license for Intel CPU Runtime for OpenCL ?

Hi all,

I work in a laboratory which maintains an on-line system where users (mostly other researchers) can test algorithms of other researchers published in the system ( Users can then download the source code if interested after running the algorithm.

I would like to publish some OpenCL code meant for GPU, but the demo system runs on servers without GPUs, which means the server would need a CPU OpenCL driver.

I would like to know if it would be possible to use the Intel CPU Runtime for OpenCL in that purpose. The package I can get cannot be used as the license is a single-user license, and I guess a multi-user multi-server license would be required.



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Hi AxelD,

Thanks for the interest and sharing your goal. In general Intel seeks to promote runtime deployment in a wide variety of environments, but from time to time institutions may have varying licensing needs.

For Intel® CPU Runtime for OpenCL™ Applications, Disclaimer and Legal information is mentioned at the bottom of the release notes. In the most recent Linux* OS tarball a license.txt file is located in the root of the package. I suggest reviewing these documents.

I will reach out in a private message to see about following up outside of the forums to better understand the licensing concerns with CPU Runtime.





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