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Where can i download the Release 2 of Intel® SDK for OpenCL SDK 2014?

Hi, mates,

i searched almost everywhere, who know where to download it or the new version? all links to download the sdk in are invalid.


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Hi IG,

Thanks for the sighting. Can you clarify which sdk links you're having difficulty with?

Intel OpenCL SDK 2014 R2 is no longer available publicly... but there are newer versions available here:

I just tried a few links accessible from the download button on the page linked above... they worked OK.


Can you share your goal with the SDK? Are you trying to target older hardware by using the 2014 SDK?

Can you share your CPU SKU, OS, OCL Driver Version, OCL Implementation Spec version conformance expectations for your application?... i.e. (1.2,2.0, 2.1, etc...)?

For legacy hardware and linux, you may want to see building against the open source Beignet distribution as an option. 



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