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int4 inside kernels


I am new to the Intel OpenCL SDK (but have been using AMD OpenCL for 3 years now). I have found that the compiler gives error:

:254:25: error: unexpected type name 'int4': expected expression
:255:25: error: unexpected type name 'int8': expected expression

I have read through all of the guides and references, read through forum but have not found any indication to why this error appears. It is as if this type would not exist. AVX is only done for floating point, this is mentioned in one pf the guides, however I would expect the type to be implemented, evn if it serializes in execution, just for portability's sake.

What is the way to get int8 (or whatever int vector types) working? I would not change my project, because it is too deep inside the framework to remove fixed point vector types.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Ok, I found the source of my problem. It was a syntax error in typecasting and the compiler did not complain about "typename var", but typname(value) as a cast in the same line. I guess one can't get used enough to casts. Sry, my bad
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