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10th gen i9-10900k


hello I'm installing this on a msi z490 gaming edge WIFI mother board but the arrow an the 2 side dips are rotated 90 degrees off so instead the arrow is in top right corner compared to the bottom left will this cause a issue?

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Sorry, but your question is not clear enough for me... I believe you're talking about installing the CPU on the motherboard's socket and the position to install the CPU...

However, it is critical that you install the CPU correctly and in the proper position/alignment, not only due to "physical matching" but because of electrical considerations, the gold connectors and the pins o the motherboard has specific functionalities and they need to connect correctly...


My advice is to review carefully and in detail the installation guide on your mobo's manual (not sure if it is this one


And you can also check this guide from Intel:

A quick search of videos on Youtube can also show a step by step example of how to install CPUs...

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