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11600 ddr4 speed


I bought b560m msi mag mortar board and AX4U360016G18A-DT60 RAM sticks. It worked badly with XMP profile (memtest86 plenty of errors). I thought it's because RAM is bad so I sent it back to shop (it's still in progress). Today I tried to test this mobo with CMH32GX4M2E3200C16 sticks; it worked even worse because I could not even boot into windows. Without xmp profile on 2100 MHz speed memtest86 is clean. I managed to return money for last sticks. I called msi hotline and they said that if memory is not in the approved list it wont work on xmp speed. The thing is, there is AX4U3600316G18A-DT60 in approved ram section and I could not find any difference with AX4U360016G18A-DT60.

So now I am in doubt what causes faults here?

- RAM of 3600 works better than RAM with 3200 (while not well enough, just better)

- 11600 supports 3200 speed only according to specs; but in reviews it is tested up to 4000

Now I dont have any RAM sticks to test. Can CPU make such a mess ?


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In my experience, the problem is almost always the motherboard (or its BIOS). While it is possible that there is a problem with the processor, this is very, very rare.
Still, the processor's warranted maximum memory speed is 3200, not 3600 and not 4000. Intel only warrants what it tests and that is a maximum of 3200. As I said, it is the motherboard (and its BIOS) that usually determines the maximum you will achieve.
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