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11900K / Score on Cinebench R23 and 3D mark



I got my CPU with my new Mobo a few weeks ago, everything is working fine and i have stellar performance in games ( atleast i think so ), i decided to run a cinebench R23 and 3D mark to see if my new cooler Z73 kraken is doing his office, and he is temps are great !


Except that i found that i have '' low '' cpu scores, let me explain :

I found some tests on google about the 11900k and cinebenchR23 they are around 16209, with just ABT on, mine with same option is around 15602 but that's fine, the thing that is worrying me is a friend of mine have the same CPU as me and he also have ABT on, and his CPU score on 3dmark is about 14000, mine is only 12500 why is there such difference ? 

To be honest i'm not really into overclocking, abt is working very well and i'm quite satisfied with it, it's just about this scores that kinda makes me curious.


Thanks for taking time to awnser me !


Here is my specs if you want :

I9 11900k

Evga 3080 ti XC3

Motherboard : Asus XIII Maximus Hero

2x8 Crucial ballistix oc to 4000 Mhz CL16

PSU is a Corsair 1000w

2 SSD M.2 Remington 1 To each



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You shouldn't worry about that... Why bother if you actually said "everything is working fine and i have stellar performance in games (...) abt is working very well and i'm quite satisfied with it".

Those tests don't tell in real life how the CPU performance is with real workload... There would be always differences in those performance tests... even for equal components... many other factors may alter the results... ABT (Turbo and other technologies) is not guarantee always equal... Mobo bios settings and power are also relevant...

Also, there is something called Silicon Lottery that can impact results


I have some systems with different CPUs... For one of them, my nephew and I have the same CPU, same psu, same cooler, same case... and he gets lower temps, but I get better results in performance tests (and higher temps)... both are happy with our CPUs... having different results doesn't matter much if you are ok with the work the system does...


You are comparing different tools for tests... in the first one I see you are fine with the result.... but not with the second tool... if you test more and more test I guess you would have many many different results ranging from very good to very bad... For me, it doesn't worth to spend time in such as anguish...




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Hello Megan and thanks for taking time to awnser my message,

Indeed i did some research after my post, and i found out that benchmarks doesn't indeed reflect the ingame performance.

I was worried because at the time, for me benchmark score was = to ingame FPS which is of course wrong.

And yes i checked my Silicon quality ( SP in asus bios ) and i'm only 50, i have the worst score possible which explain why when i did run C23 and 3dmark my CPU points were lower than average, but tbh as your post confirmed what i understood by myself it doesn't matter ...


To be honest i'm new to the whole CPU and benchmark thing i'm learning everyday, i'm just not lucky on my SP quality, my buddy prolly have 90 SP points or something to score that high on synthetic benchmark.

I'll just enjoy my cpu and the performances, thanks again !



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Sure... you're welcome... if the CPU is doing its job I agree you just enjoy it... Best wishes for a pleasant adventure with this new CPU

Megan ❤

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