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4 Intel Xeon Platinum 8180M Vs single I9 Extreme for >8K games ?



If money is not a problem, ~200 thread computer with Xeon Platinum 8180M, which has all same instruction set extentions of the Core I9 Extreme will be better for games FPS (First Person Shooter) in extreme high resolution, like beyond 8K (8K minimum res, 4K with 200% scale res available in this new games) plus 4 Nvidia Titan Xp system. If Nvidia Titan Xp is only 2 way SLI, I believe I can get way more frames with 4, but the GPU doesnt matter. What I want to know is, this kind of system I meansured above with Xeon will get me way more frames than the Core I9 Extreme for games like Battlefield 1 ?

I know this Xeon is $13.000,00 each, priced by Intel for "stores" which have to buy 1000 processors to get this price.

Is there possible to someone on Intel give me a clue? Because i did not have find any review on USA websites with at least 1 Xeon Platinum of high amount of threads beyond Core I9 Extreme tested with latest games.

If the Core I9 Extreme gives me 200 frames/sec with 4 Titan Xp in Battlefield 1, with 4k resolution plus 200% scale res, with 4 Xeon 8180M i can get maybe 400 frames/sec, if there is not lock on frames on BF1 and the same graphic cards? and plus, if I live stream and game like this ? or game and make footage of the game on SSD ?

Thank you for your time.

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Hello JulianoRCA,

Thank you for joining the Processors community.

I would like to let you know that we do not comment on benchmark information that is not already included on Intel | Data Center Solutions, IoT, and PC Innovation. However, what I can comment is that the number of cores only really matters as long as the applications (including games) are optimized for multi-core processors. Contemporary games are only optimized to use between 4 to 8 cores max, thus loading up a game with the system you have in mind might not necessarily yield better results. Regarding the 8K resolution, the biggest portion of the workload is transferred to the GPUs, thus once again, the processor itself although still relevant, takes a back seat to the GPUs.


Amy C.