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5.1 sound support intel nuc


Hi, I own an Intel NUC DC3217BY, I spent like 2 weeks searching why I couldn't have 7.1 working on my NUC.

It's been some years since I bought the NUC, it worked somehow so far but with the recent Windows updates, I only get 2.1 ...

I recently came accross a post regarding your drivers being faulty and not supporting outut above 2.1 in hdmi.

Is Intel NUC DC3217BY still supported by your service ?

Is there any hope, you would fix your drivers ?

I am not the only one in this case and :

1) Yes, I am up to date with your drivers => Audio hdmi driver :

2) I am up to date with windows 10.

3) My receiver is a Sony HD 520 and works perfectly with any of my systems (PS3, XBOX etc...)

Best regards ...

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Hello Bamboozilla,



I understand that you are experiencing audio issues with your NUC.



I would like to inform you that this product is end of interactive support, this means that Intel ® no longer provides technical support for said product. In this case, what I can recommend you to do is to wait and see if other community members have had the same problem and see if they can recommend you a fix.



I apologize for any inconvenience.






David V