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7700hq Slow on battery at 800MHz

When I run the laptop pluged in, it's all fine. CPU base Freq is 2.8GHz but manages to stay around 3.50GHz.

When I unplug the power, the fun starts. I mean stops. It would drop to 1.5GHz then 800Mhz and stay there as long as I have a little load. Exemple, if nothing is running, it will go back to 1.5 ish but as soon as I start something, Chrome for exemple, it goes down to 800MHz. It is so slow that you can't even watch a Youtube video. At 800MHz, the CPU load in task manager refuse to go above 20% or so I think.

I tried disabling Intel Speedstep, update all drivers, play with minimum CPU freq. in power management, reinstall Windows from scratch I even unplugged the battery for a while as suggested in another post. Disabling the dGPU... No luck.

The computer is almost unusable on battery.

Intel Extreme tuning utility reports constant Power Limit Throttling on battery.

I have the i7 7700hq model, Dell inspiron 7757. Windows 10. I know this CPU is power hungry but I am suspecting a setting that is wrong. I would gladely accept a speed reduction, but at least to be able to surf the web or watch a Youtube movie.

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My gut is saying look for errors in the BIOS Configuration. I would first try setting it back to defaults and see if that frees it up.


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