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8700K high temps in Assassins Creed Origins. Can i play with that temps?

Hi. This is the only 1 game ( Assassins Creed Origins ) that hitting my 8700K to abnormal temps. Temps goes to 80 and climbing in random areas to 90-95C and occasionally spikes to 100C.

In other games temps are 70-85C. ( Doom, 3dmarks,GTA V , Final Fantasy benchmark XV , Call of Duty World War II)

I have 8700K with cooler M9i Cryoring , motherboard Asus Z370 Pro Gaming. MCE is on. XMP memory ON.

8700K clock are 4700mhz.

Is this safe to play with that temps or i must change something?

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Seeing the odd spike up into the 90's is ok, but sustained temperatures in this range (and spikes approaching 100c) are definitely not safe. First thing I would look at is the fan speed control configuration (typically done in BIOS Setup, but some vendors also provide Windows tools for this). You want to ensure that the processor fan/blower/pump speed is increasing as temperatures increase and should reach 100% duty cycle (full speed) at your processor's Tcontrol temperature. Your processor's Tcontrol temperature will typically be somewhere between 80c and 85c. If you don't have a tool that can display your individual processor's Tcontrol temperature, just use 85c.

Hope this helps,