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8700k frequencies problem...


Hi i just bought a system about a month ago, made someone with the knowledge to assemble it for me, and just got the pc few days ago, now i'll make a parenthesis here to give my specs:

8700k (CM 212x)

Asus Rog Strix z370e (0430 Bios ver.)

8gb cruxial ballistic sport @2400 -> XMP

nvidia gtx 760 (yea i know, i'll upgrade it with the next nvidia gpu launch)

120gb ssd

1tb @7200 hdd -> will replace it soon as i think it's failing.

Seasonic focus plus 650w 80+ gold.

Ok now following the main question, once i got the pc the first thing i did was disable MCE because you know it throws at you a retarded amount of voltage if set to auto, enabled xmp and left everything else on auto, all power savings enabled, turbo boost on, and all the normal settings without getting into overclocking tweaking...

Now for some reason when i checked out Hwinfo64, the cpu frequency never went above 4000mhz, i checked intel XTU and indeed the turbo core ratios were set as following 6/5 cores at 38x, 4/3 at 39x and 1 core at 40x which seems odd since i got understood this chip should do 4.3ghz in all cores under load with turbo boost and so on till reach 4.7ghz in 1 core...

So i digged a bit more about it and found this in Hwinfo

As it shows indeed the chip is set to achieve a 4.0ghz as max turbo boost which should't be the case right?

should touch something in the BIOS or it's just a faulty chip?

Note: in the bios when under advance settings or tweaker tab (can't remember the name) it says cpu turbo boost target: 4700mhz, cache target 4400mhz and ofc memory at 2400 due xmp.

I can also move the sliders from xtu up to get the desired turbo core ratios, but what's bugging me is why it was set to max at 4.0ghz from default, just can't understand that...

Can someone help me out with this?, thx for your time beforehand.

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This is all determined by the BIOS. You need to be asking Asus this question.