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9900K - Tjmax 99C or 100C or 115C?


Have an question. My 9900K is oc to 5ghz with Noctua NH-D15. Stable vcore 1.320v. During realbench stress 2hours run max temps are 80-93+-. But when i run next 2 hours stress tests ,temps are 80-97+- and i saw in realtemp peak to 99C sometimes. GREALTEMP shows in red LOG.


But why realtemp show log in red when temp peak to 99C? Is this because 99C is thermal point TjMax? or 100C is Tjmax?


Games temps are very low 60-70C.


My question. Is this normal for that temps peak on realbench? Overall are 80-90+-C in realbench,but after very long run realtemp show max 99C.


Can i use this cooler on games ? And i stop using realbench if all is stable.


Mobo is: Asus Prime Z390-A

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The Tjmax temperature can vary from one individual desktop processor to another, but should be in the general vicinity of 100c. Now, remember that the DTS sensors provide temperature readings that are represented as a positive offset below Tjmax. That is, the actual temperature is Tjmax (which you read from a MSR) minus the DTS reading. Since 0 (zero) is the highest reading you can get from a DTS sensor, Tjmax is actually also the highest temperature that can be represented. The actual temperature could be some number of degrees above Tjmax yet the reading will still be Tjmax. To be clear, if your Tjmax happened to be 100c and the actual temperature is 105c, then the reading provided will still be only 100c (i.e. Tjmax - 0).


If your processor's Tjmax was 100c and you were regularly seeing temperature readings of 99c, I would conclude two things from this, (1) Your cooling solution is not doing its job and (2) Throttling is occurring and is keeping the temperature just below Tjmax. Now, a cooling solution is a combination of the physical capabilities of the cooling solution - the ability of the TIM to transfer heat from the processor's heat spreader to the metal mass of the solution (Heatsink, Liquid Cooling block, Heat Pipe(s), etc.) and the ability of the solution to dissipate this heat into the air - and, if supported, the algorithm that is used to decide how fast the blower/fan/pump will need be be run as a result of the current processor temperature in order to dissipate all of this heat into the air. You could, for example, have a great Liquid Cooling unit but, if the fan/blower is not spun fast enough to transfer the heat to the air, then the overall solution is not going to be adequate.


Bottom line, if it was not obvious from the above paragraph, No, it is NOT normal for the temperature to be sitting at 99c. Something is wrong with the overall cooling solution.


Hope this helps,