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9900k Too hot at stock settings


I recently upgraded from a 9600k to a 9900k and I am plagued by overheating issues.

I am running an asus z390-e mb with a corsair h100i.  The chip is set for for default settings.

With a 10% load I easily reach temps of 80C.  If I try to bench the cpu with cpu-z, which is a very light bench it will hit 100C and throttle down on some cores.  The others are well over 90. 

Gaming has me at high 80s and low 90s.  Idles around 34c

No freezing, but it is just running ridiculously hot.  I have tried different thermal paste and reseating the cooling block, but it made no difference.

Core temp shows VID at around 1.37v and cpuz shows 1.25v

I am open to suggestions.  I believe that I have a bad chip.





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Overheating on a CPU at defaults settings (and making sure no BIOS auto OC settings is set, which is very common these days)... it is not normal to see the processor going to higher temps reaching its Max temps (around 100c)...


Both cpus have the same thermal power requirement but the different is the 9900k has more core/threads and higher turbo frequency... if you make sure bios is the latest, latest drivers, OS updated and "different thermal paste and reseating the cooling block" has been tried... this could be an issue with the CPU or motherboard (the mobo may be sending/reading wrong settings and info to monitor control temps, voltage, etc..)...

Do you have the 9600k with you? can you put it back and test?

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I have tried and yes, bios is latest version and all settings are to default.  

I tried putting the 9600k back in, and no issues.  I tried encoding a video just to see what it would do.  Using GPU acceleration, the cpu hit around 40% and all cores hit 100C.  No freezing, no blue screens.  but the vcore jumped to 1.4v and it just plugged along nicely.


Not sure what to do..  

Is there a intel phone number to call?



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Hello @camccardell

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

We noticed you have opened a Chat Support Ticket with us and we will continue to help you through that channel now. We will therefore close this community case. Thank you.

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