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A 5th/6th Gen Intel Computer?


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I might of already earlier on sent another email ,but not sure it went through?. The question of mine I would like further answered is should I continue on using windows 11 in my 5th/6th Gen Intel after not getting any issues at all or should I go back to Windows 10 or just stay put and leave things as they are and only upgrade afterwards?. I found a mix response in various websites relating to my computer after some have said computers under 8th Gen Intel will end up with issues if it has Windows 11 in it ,while other websites are now showing you can fully run Windows 11 in any computer under 8th Gen Intel and no get any issues but Microsoft won't accept the mess if one does have issues as the computer user took on the full risk and loss of warranties as warned by Microsoft themselves. I can go back to Windows 10 till 2025 setting me back over couple of hours to sort out or i can stay put, or simply look into buying a computer used or rebuilt that satisfies Microsoft's requirements of an installed Windows 11 computer?, and this option can be under a $1000 or over and it depends on the advice given by the computer repairman in his shop while in person at my local computer sales and repair shop.. Care to comment further?.. bye

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This is not a question for Intel, or even microsoft.   You know the processors that are supported by W11, and those that are not.   And, you know Microsoft's warning/caution about attempting to use W11 on unsupported processors.


So, the choice is yours, and no one elses.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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