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About I9 X serie Temps (7940x in my case)

Hello To the Intel team !

So i buy this wonderfull CPU the i9 7940x for improving my performance in 3D render with the core's and the good clock and IPC for the 2D workloads and the games as well.

The performance of the CPU are just awesome, i got about 4x faster rendering than my not so old 6 core 5820k on C4D. And the 2D perfs was same same, so that not bad, that was perfect for mu usage.

I dont need to overkill my perf with any OC, the core's and speed clock was enought @ stock for my workload.

I just exepct for that money (1350€+300 Modo) that i'll use a system @stock speed that can garantie the confort of the system and mine as well.

And unfortunly that wasnt the case with the i9 7940x cause of the temps i got @ stock.

I'm using allready a good air cooler (DarkRock3), i know that Intel advice to use a liquide cooleur, but i allways use a top air cooleur as i prefer air than liquid.

And on rendering (needed workloads) i was going up to 95°c+ (100°c on many core's) in like 2min of rendering in C4D (100% load). That to much!

Even if i can get a better air cooleur solution, like Noctua D15, with 95°c+ @ stock, using my downstep performance cooleur i wasnt sure to improve a lot my temps with a better one cooler.

I'm using soft like Keyshot that run @ 100% load all the time. I could not imagine my stress on each render or using that soft..

And delid it well, i'm not that kind, this is for crazy overclockers lol.

So i just send back my CPU, i wasnt confortable with the idea to spend all this money on a system that dosnt leave my workflow confortable.

I know befor buying that Intel use a TIM in theyr last manufacturing CPU. But after show some review i was still expecting not so high temps.

So i know you allready have a lot of bad feedback about that TIM, and this is just one more.

But please if someone hear me, it was a realy nice jump of performance for my work and a realy nice solution for my system and i'm realy sad to cant enjoy it as it was supose to be.

I dint been to AMD TR even if i'm not a fan boy of any camp side, i make this choise after choosing witch was feeting the best with my use.

But still please, can you solder you next HEDT CPU's ????

Anyway i keep my money for the next gen of CPU that i think is more "clever" choice for a so big investisement.

Unfortunatly is still to expensife for Xeon solution (for the same kind of perf) as i'm freelancer artiste and i allready do a hard work to upgrade my system.

With wich i'm preaty sure to not get front of the same issues as theyr are soldered!

Like my soldered 5820k that dosnt go up to 52°c 100% during timeeeee of rendering (60°c Max on some core's).

But ok Intel is just 6 core's.. But when we compare to the 6 core's 7800k with TIM, the thermal are much better whit the soldered CPU solution

Thanks for reading my long feedback

A consumor sad of sending back a so powefull CPU.

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Community Manager

Hello jeffdzign,



Thank you for contacting Intel® Communities Support.



I appreciate the feedback, remember you can check the processor safe temperature here,


under the Package Specifications tab.



I am sorry to hear that you had to return the unit.



Also we have an important article with Overheating Warning Signs here.

Remember all Intel® Box processors have 3 years of warranty since date of purchase.





Stephen C.

Hi Stephen.

Thanks for you answer

Yes i see the safe temps, was righting @ 102°c and still i was felling to much close of the throtling point with 95°c+.

I know as well that you have a good service of warantys i'm not woried about this .

I saw that Intel was advising a liquide cooleur, but like i say it was allready a good cooleur and i was feeling not sure to get much beter temps with a beter cooleur solution (not custom loops).

Maybe i hade a bad silicon lottery on my procesor that give it the 10 degrees more out of a confortable and resonable thermal position.

But i still read good feedback from temps as some bad feedback even from people who was using a custom liquide system.

Even if a lot of people delid they CPU or even buy them allready delided from other compagnies, i was hoping that was more targeting overclockers user and not normal usage @ stock. But unfortunetly even @ stock was not good temps for me.

And comparing to all the post i could read, since Intel chose to no solder theyr CPU's, people complain. They buy and theyr happy, but we can read much more complain about temps.

Even the last i7 8700k have a lot of bad feedback around temps. (my 5820k soldered are realy realy cool)

So i'm just wonring about the futur, if we can count of the coming back of soldered mainstream CPU's?

Even more for this one's HEDT who are much power ungry and get hoter anyway.

And i think it so crazy that we start to see some extra offert from some site like sillicon lottery or caseking that "finish" Intel CPU, allready OC, delide with a liquid metal inside!

Well that the first time i see some other offer like this for CPU, should we not just buy this to Intel like a normal way... Even more if we not are Overclokers ?

Why pushing people to delid or buying a "custom" CPU from other company affter Intel to garanti good temps for a normal use?

And i look for the last Xeon W familly, they look great i'm sure that they are soldered, but i need to put + 650€ for this 14 core, and the clock speed are only 2.5 for this one.

Well i was thinking i could upgrad with another one maybe with time if its "Xeon" but no this W familly cant be using with double Xeon.

So basiqueli the best improve i could got for the temps was to got a soldered Xeon CPU for +650€ and loose 0.6 on the clock speed (same 14 core).

I will not do that of curse..

I'm still on my position, i can work more time with my system, even i want to improve it for my workload i prefer waiting to a solution that live me just happy and fine with.

That why i complain there, i just hope that could be part of the feedback that make Intel deciding to change theyr futur manufactur.