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About no response for the SLP_A# of PCH(C612,Wellstrubg,Grantley)



In our Board(New Design),there isn't Deep Sx. So we provide the same one 3.3V to VccDsw and VccSus, and tied RSMRST# and DPWROK together. This design reference the Datasheet of PCH and PDG for Grantley and CRB(MaYan City). By the Debugging, we can get that the quality of VccDsw and VccSus is very good, the ripple is less than 30mV. And we can get the SUSCLK after Set the RSMRST# and DPWROK. The fequency of SUSCLK is 32.768KHz,that is very accurate, and the quality of the wave is very good.

But the SLP_A# always keep low,Even we trigger the PWRBTN# . We can't find error in the Schematic and PCB. However,we found the voltages of DCPRTC and DCPSST are different from the description of Datasheet of C612.

So we have no idea. Please help to analyze this problem. Thanks very much~!


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