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About the power of CPU


I have a Core i 3 4130 PC.

We measured electric power with a simple power meter.

Immediately after starting it was 24 watts.

Two simple programs that perform numerical operations are executed, and both of the two cores are set to 100% use state.

Power increased by about 22 watts.

Next time we tested how power consumption changes in video playback.

We played 6 1080p videos on Youtube simultaneously with a web browser.

Power increased by up to 20 watts as compared to immediately after startup.

Next time, I played 1080p video on the DLNA server with KODI which is a dedicated video player.

The rise in power was about 5 watts.

Considering this situation, the power of the graphics core is up to about 5 watts, and I think that the continuous use of CPU is 22 watts maximum.

Although there are graphic boards dedicated to PCs, recent ones have many direct fans and power consumption is very high, but considering this Core i3 4130 experiment, why there are many auxiliary power supplies It is strange that there is no choice but to put it on.

What do you think of this fact? everyone.

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