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Ajuda Processador Genuino ou Paralelo?


Eu fiz o diagnostico do processador e vi em " config " que só tinha coisas escritas na aba " paralel.. " e isso me deixou uma duvida, outra coisa q me deixou com duvida é o numero de Serial do Processador que esta 00000000, como nao entendo muito queria saber se alguem pode me dizer se o processador é original e se ta tudo certo com ele ou ele é paralelo, ObrigadoSem título.pngDASDSA.png

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You have a genuine Intel Core i7-2600K processor. It has 4 cores and 8 threads of execution. These threads can run software in parallel. This is why they use this word in the test descriptions and parameters.


That is not the Processor serial number; that is the System serial number. Intel does not put serial numbers in their processors (the world told them back in 2000 that doing so was a privacy issue). You have control over what appears in this System Serial Number field. Your motherboard manufacturer will have a tool of some sort that can be used to change this. Seeing 00000000 may simply be what they put in this field by default or what this tool displays if there is no recorded System Serial Number.


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