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Alderlake Raptorlake latency issues




It is no mystery that both 12th and 13th generation processors are displaying inconsistent latency when performing specific tasks un der Windows 10.

I can reference Dr Ian Cutress 's  now somewhat ancient article :


UInfortunately as Microsoft seems to change Windows 10 builds all the time and presumably many key components have changed at the same time and this article is now way out of date.


Given Windows 10 is meant to now be a gold ( completed ) release with 19045.3208 , who at either Intel or Microsoft is going to solve this issue  or at least provide some Billion dollar companies level guidance as to how we (the integrators and supporters of these platforms ) to best deal with this ?


I have seen people say to set specific power configuration settings such as the above old artcle recommending Using maximum power in the power settings and also other people recommend that we need to use balanced power settings.

Other suggestions say use multi monitors or dont use multi monitors


Other suggestions seem to be turn off all power saving C states in Bios. 


Other suggestions are to use a utility to utilisze core parking


Frankly the level of guidance from the community is all over the place and yet I see nothing from Microsoft or Intel themselves.

Although one makes the Operating System and the other makes the processors.

I can also reference testing here


and also


14th generation is near to release and as far as i am aware the P core  E core architecture is the same and will presumably will exhibit these same issues.


Brushing this under the rug or treating this as a single user issue isnt  going to look good for Intel or Microsoft.


The wider community would like some guidance /answers at the very least for the gold build of Windows 10 referenced above.


I am not in a position to test with with the amount of hardware these youtubers have to test with but i do have customers who trusted me to deliver them solid systems and they can see these issues and have raised this issue with me.

Small system builders clearly do not have the sway to get this issue looked at , but there sure is a lot of us who are aware of this issue.


Someone at Intel  please do the right thing and get a internal case raised and in turn raise a case with Microsoft to determine what we need to do here on the windows 10 gold build.




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Hello @Blind


Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities.   


I really understand your position and I appreciate the time you took to describe everything you have noticed and the information you gathered here.


It will be my pleasure to raise this, our main goal is to improve our products.


Best regards,

Jose B.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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