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Ancient SL356 & SL3R3 compatibility - need help

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Don't laugh - this is a genuine query!

This relates to a very old model PC (1998/9), so might not be many people who can answer this one...

I have an old PCCHIPS M726 motherboard, that is fitted with a Intel Pentium II 350MHz CPU with 512 KB cache size. It is mounted in a slot 1 connection. On the CPU board it says SL356. The manual I have that came with the PC for the M726 motherboard states that it's compatible with up to 500Mhz but the manual's version number is lower than the actual version number on the mb itself, which may mean that the later mb can handle a higher speed CPU (I'm hopeful).

I also happen to have an old Intel Pentium III 550 MHz CPU with 256 KB cache size.

It is fitted on a 370-pin board compatible with my PC's slot 1 mounting socket and it does fit.

However, I'm not knowledgeable about the technical specifics and I really don't know if these two are compatible.

I would like to use the P3 CPU in place of the P2 CPU but want to check for advice first before I try using it. I would like to know before I blow up my motherboard or any of its components.

Can anyone advise please?

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well, the motherboard's website says there is a bios update (assuming you have board v1.2) that has support for pentium 3s.

My guess is that with the bios update, the board will be able to support the pentium 3


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Thanks for the info. That's good news.

My motherboard says V3.4A. That's the only indicator present so I am assuming that is the version number.

I have never performed a BIOS update and I a reluctant to try (yet). I have the original manual and CD with the instructions and utilities, so I may try it after a bit of reading.

At least it's good to know that it can support a P3.

My only reason for wanting to even use this old PC is to load a linux dist and so far it just can't cope. I've just installed the maximum memory (768MB) from its previous 256MB, so with a faster CPU it might just about manage a small linux install. Purely for experimental purposes.

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Update: I installed the P3 and it ran like a dog. My original P2 ran nearly four times faster, so I'll stick with that. Worth a try I guess.