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Answer to Intel regarding Intel Atom CPU computers failing to boot in Linux kernel 6.2


With reference to my Report in this forum an answer to Intel. 


I'm not sure that you at Intel have understood severity of this problem ,


but it doesn't matter, because Intel Kernel developers probably work at Tampere, Finland and it's only 100 km from my home. I can just walk into the Intel office and talk to them personally.  I also have a personal email-address to a Intel atomisp Linux engineer whom I will contact  personally.


I have come to know, that Intel has discontinued development of atomisp modules for Linux in 2017.

Still these unfunctional modules are present in Linux kernel and furthermore file shisp_2401a0_v21.bin is missing  - and this means that starting with kernel 6.2 none of Linux distributions will boot in none of the computers with Intel Atom CPU in the whole World  - is this the way Intel wants things to be?


Now you at Intel can answer with citation from  Mandalorian TV-series: This is the Way - Intel Way.


Since Intel has stopped developing atomisp modules, maybe it's best for everyone that these modules are removed from the kernel. After all - atomisp is only a web-camera module - it's not worth all this trouble.


New information:  (April 29th - 3 am Eastern European Time) Atomisp is still in development, and I just got email adresses to all of the developers. These people work for Intel, Red Hat and, for example. I will ask them what is going on. 


This is the Way.


I thank you for your service,

Mr Sami Saarinen

Suomi - Finland

P.S.  Please don't answer  " I'm sorry for the inconvenience " - just answer " This is the Way - Intel Way ".


For those having trouble installing Linux with kernel 6.2 to a Intel Atom CPU computer,  solution is provided here .

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@Lumipyry So, that is all there is to it?  Just walk in and tell them?  No security or appointment needed?


Be real for just a minute and stop with this silly argument.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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This is Finland (population 5,5 million), and Finland is like a small village where everyone knows everyone.

No security needed in small villages. Every bad guy is captured immediately.


Every engineer studies in the same school and knows all the other engineers. 


For example, my childhood friend works at Intel Finland office - so I can call him home, if I want to. I have probably met half the people working at Intel Finland office at some point.


I must also add: As we all grow up in small villages - we behave like ones - we are not used to making appointments - we just literally "walk in" - as old friends tend to do.


P.S. My nickname "Lumipyry" is finnish for heavy snow falling from sky - not storm - but almost. The kind kind of snowfall where visibility is low.

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Solution found.

A fix in Ubuntu kernel is under work.  Atomisp modules will be disabled in kernel.

Can't speak on behalf of other distributions, but Manjaro kernel - or Manjaro Surface kernel works also.


a temporary solution here: .


Intel Atom owners using Linux:

Don't file bug reports of web-camera not working. I won't be working until atomisp is ready. Instead follow news  of atomisp development.

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