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Apple macbook i5 or i7

Hello i am going to order an macbook air or pro,

but i have a question about the processors, because there is 1 thing i am not understanding.

If i buy the macbook Air and i upgrade it with a : 2,2-GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost tot 3,2 GHz) met 4 MB gedeelde L3‑cache.


But if i buy an macbook Pro i can put an: 2,9-GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost tot 3,3 GHz in it


So the way i'm looking at this if that if i buy the macbook air with 8gb and this i7 processor, or i buy the macbook pro with the i5 in it.


then the macbook Pro is better. because the i5 processor is better then the i7 in the macbook air.

And because the pro has a retina screen. and the upgraded air is 1589 and macbook pro is 1570 its better for me to buy the macbook pro.

I hope someone can answere this for me.

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Hello Wa'rsong,

You'd better first check the information on both configurations, at MacBook Air - Technical Specifications - Apple and MacBook Pro with Retina display - Technical Specifications - Apple.

As is known to us, the processor on Mac Book Air could not be replaced in normal means, but a customised version configured with a Core i7 processor. You might also want to compare i7-5650U and i5-5287U. The prominent features of the latter is its integrated GPU, Intel® Iris™ Graphics 6100, and comparably high operating frequency.

Which is better is decided by your actual own purposes towards the new computing computer, traveller, amateur, personal paper work? I just suggest you choose the Mac Book Air, because it is much lighter (weight), and could work even longer when travelling. If you wish your laptop could do something professional such as picture or video processing, I suggest you to choose Mac Book Pro. It is a little more bit heavier than the former, and not that much easier to be with you anywhere you want. But for its qualities, you would find ways to open up the doors which are not opening towards to Mac Book Air.

Best Regards,

Aaron Janagewen

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Apple has requested that all questions regarding Apple systems and software be addressed directly with Apple support.

I recommend checking the link below for troubleshooting assistance on your Apple computer: MacBook - Apple Support


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