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Are and will be past Xeons good for home windows workstations and the details


I am thinking about computer for video editing, computer graphics, 3D animation, VV all kinds of experiences and home creations. I have found Xeon processors might be something interesting. I do not know which one would be good for me to run all the software and for example do not really understand the difference which could impact on performance of mentioned uses planned between Haswell E5-2xxx v3 and some current processors taking into account efficiencies, price levels and e.g. if there s anything the new can the old cannot even after longer on the same software which all would be home work play station. If there are limitations to time I can use those processors (are they expire like windows mobile OS) or as long they are sufficiently powerful to run my software they are good? Anything I should consider before buying the old one? Do I need graphics card having monster Xeon for video editing, VR gaming compositing, and what are the points, if, that I could stop needing (type of CPU’s) and what Xeons too much for home anyway? 

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