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Ask for Gflops value of Intel Xeon D-1627 processor


I didn't find Xeon D-1627 Gflops value in the table shared, would you share Xeon D-1627 processor Gflops value or other data you suggest could be used as comparison standard?Thanks.


Table shared by Intel: 

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Hello, lyndseyliz.

Good day,

Thank you for posting on the Intel Community Support forums.

I received your thread regarding this particular Intel® Xeon® D processor, and I will be reviewing this with you.

For this particular inquiry and type of product, the best option is to reach out to the Embedder Server community, this forum section is handled by a dedicated team, so they will be able to assist you with your request. Please submit a new thread there so they can assist you:

On the other hand, if you have access to an Intel FAE, they may also assist you reviewing this, or letting you know how to submit a ticket via the IPS portal (if applicable).

This thread will be closed right now and no longer monitored by Intel support, but if you require any type of assistance from Intel in the future, just open a new thread, or contact us using any of the available support methods.

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