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Benchmark score is really really....really low on the i7-3930k processor. WHY?


Hi! ( I hope this is in the right catagory )

My processor is the i7-3930k.

I have benchmarked my computer with 3dMark11. All scores scores seem low. Some of them I believe have nothing to do with the processor, but I know one does. That is the Physics Score. Over all, my latest score was (do not laugh please) P2615!!

The break down is: Graphics 6268, Physics 849, Combined Score 1162.

From my understanding, the Physics Score is from the processor. Why would this be so low? I have over clocked my computer with the GigaByte ET6 program a handfull of times just for benchmarking and to see how Fallout new Vegas looks. I never kept that going for more than 10 minutes. I never purposely changed the voltage; because I don't know I would be doing.

Anyhow, if my Physics score is that LOW, does this mean there is a problem with my processor? This is a score with the default settings.

Ever since I have had this processor since April, the benchmark has been in the mid upper 2000's. My old it-2720QM processor in my old laptop had better scores than this, twice over!!

I do have the Performance Tuning Protection Plan when I bought the computer from CyberPowerPC.


Scores on other benchmarks are good...not the best for what I have, but good.


Any clues anyone?


Thank you in advance everyone!!! =)



Best regards,




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Please keep in mind that you are using third party software to benchmark the processor.

Currently Intel does not perform any type of benchmark to the processors.

What I can recommend you is to install the latest BIOS version for your motherboard and all the available updates for your operating system.

If the results that the benchmark software are not the expected ones, I would suggest contacting the software developer to see if the software was designed to support the particular processor, since we have seen third party software that is not fully compatible with newer processors.



Thank you for responding to my post.

From what I have read online, with the scores I have been getting, mine (Physics score) are a lot lower then other scores from the same processor. Other words, the same test has been done, and I get scores about 90% lower than others.

I have all drivers and the BIOS updated to the latest and greatest.

I would think something is wrong with the processor.

You say Intel does not currently use any benchmark for the can I find out if this processor is defective?

Thank you Adolfo. I look back to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Mike Kaluski

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Whenever you would like to confirm your processor's functionality, feel free running the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool which can be found at:

In case you need any further assistance or clarification, you can contact the technical department at:


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