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Big problem with chipset x299 and Skylake cpu, blue screen when doing anything demanding

Hi all,

Just want to share my experience about problems due to bad default configuration on many systems with chipset x299 and Skylkae-x cpu. So it seems to be a flaw from Intel or all motherboard manufacturers. I hope thhey can fix this cause it has made me loose a lot of time. I hope my post can help others avoid loosing so much time.

I have a x299 and Skylake-x cpu (i9-7980XE on Alienware Area 51 R4). And I had A LOT of blue screen (6 or 7 a day). But the solution is not to disable Intel Turbo boost like some people think. If you disable it your cpu will work less and will just have less chances for BSOD. If you don't use the cpu at full load, you will not get BSOD but we all want to use the cpu at full power or why do we pay that much to Intel?

I found the solution on Puget System website:

And it works!!! No more BSOD for me and I even overclock my cpu (an i9-7980XE on Alienware Area 51 R4)

So I just increased my cpu voltage to 1200 (the default was 0) and I let the mode to adaptive (the default anyway). And from that point the BSOD stopped! So it's like the cpu are not having enough voltage for the turbo by default. So you need to give them more voltage or they simply don't work!

Then I wanted more juice so I tried to overclock the cpu and the BSODs were back. So I then lowered a bit my overclock and jalso put 5 in each of AVX offsets (there are 2 in my bios). And then it seems I no blue screen anymore even on overclock.

My BOSDs were happening when rendering with V-Ray in 3ds max.

Many people have this problem so it's really a flaw with Intel cpu so I hope they can correct this, I lost so much time trying to troublweshoot this: I changed my motherboard, changed my ram, reinstalled windows all possible ways, I spent days and days and days on this! For a cpu that I paid almost 3000$ that's quite disappointing to loose so much time...

Here are some links of other people having the same problem (but the best solution is from Puget Systems website (last link or see same link above): Windows 10 Pro Blue screen after starting expor... | Adobe Community comment-136624 Area 51 R4 - 7820x x299 chipset -BSOD when doin... | Alienware community Intel 7820x Core CPU (Turbo Boost) and Adobe Ph... | Adobe Community After Effects causing Bluescreen | Adobe Community

I hope Intel will test their cpu a bit more before releasing them with such obvious flaws or is it that they motherboard manufacturer are not aware of how to setup the bios by default for those cpu.

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Community Manager

Hi Strob: Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Processors communities and sharing that information.



We really appreciate you took the time to provide those recommendations, Intel really appreciates all the feedback and suggestions from all of our peers in the communities, and I am sure this information will be very helpful for all the users viewing this thread.





Alberto R



Just to follow up, my blue screens are back. I just got 4 in a row trying to start a 3d rendering. So it was stable for a few days with some overclok settings but now it stopped. I received a replacement computer with a new bios and that one hasn't got any blue screen since I receive it it a week ago and I have been rendering on it almost full time. So maybe my first cpu was damaged by the bad settings or the old bios is just flawed. Anyway I will be returning the first one to Alienware as it seems to be the only solution.

Community Manager

Strob: Perfect, thank you very much for letting us know those results. We are glad to hear the problem got fixed with the replacement computer.



Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again.



Any questions, please let me know.





Alberto R



I'm also experiencing this issue, just upgraded my old machine with:

- Intel Core i9-7940X

- MSI X299 SLI Plus

- HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz 32GB

I manged to install Windows 10, and everything looked alright, however when I tried to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS I started to get Kernel panic immediately when I booted off the usb stick. So my temporary solution was to disabled "Intel turbo boost" in BIOS,

and then I managed to install Ubuntu.

But afterwards, I enabled Intel turbo boost again, and tried to boot into Ubuntu. kernel panic immediately..

got the following in dmesg:

mce: [hardware Error]: CPU 8: Machine Check Exception: 5 Bank 0: b200000000070005

mce: [hardware Error]: RIP !INEXACT! 10:


mce: [hardware Error]: TSC 60d4008c53

mce: [hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 0:50654 TIME 1523477875 SOCKET 0 APIC 12 microcode 200002b

mce: [hardware Error]: Run the above through 'mcelog --ascii'

mce: [hardware Error]: Machine check: Processor context corrupt

Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal machine check

Then I tried to boot up Windows, and it looked fine. However after starting to do some heavy work in Adobe lightroom, I got a BSOD, with Stop Code: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

So looks like both Ubuntu and Windows is affected.

Also I have not modified any HW/SW, and everything is running stock. Also checked the Vcore, and its around 1.0V ± 0.07

So is the solution to increase Vcore? or is it faulty hardware?

I have also been running the intel diagnostic tool, and that passed. And doubt its overheating which is causing the problem (using Noctua nh-d14s), since Ubuntu dies immediately after boot.

UPDATE: I updated my BIOS, and everything is looks better now.


So I never got an answer as to why the thing is running so hot?

I just keep getting an answer that “I have something open in another forum portal.” All I want is an answer. I understand there are bad chips occasionally.. That’s why the whole de-lidding thing is almost mandatory. I can’t keep hitting 105C when rendering with the largest water cooler out there. HELP -I’ve done the tests you suggested. Every core was red line.

i sent in the results. I’m back to using my old computer which is a 5960x and blows this one away because this hits the thermal threshold immediately. I’ve build quite a number of systems. This is stock clocked and just a sad chip powering it. We work forensics worldwide. Not sure I’m going to be recommending the i9 series for other shops this year.

Threadripper or i7s.