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Bonjour Mon portable DELL Inspiron 6400 tourne sous Intel Core Duo T2400 @ 1.83GHz Codename Yonah Core Speed 997.4 MHz RAM 2GB XP Pro & SSD Pourrais je passer sur Windows 10 ? Merci

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Windows 10 should install and run, but hardware this old is unsupported by Intel. Microsoft's compatibility drivers are used in this case. Their performance is poor. Microsoft is no longer maintaining these compatibility drivers and, if you have a problem with them, Microsoft will note your issue but do nothing about it.


Honestly, you have an ancient machine (14 years old!) and keeping it running is going to get harder and harder. You eventually will reach a point where the compatibility issues will prevent it from working -- if the hardware doesn't fail before then. If you want to run Windows 10, it is time to purchase something much, much newer.


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