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Brand new HP Z4 I9 - 7940X is as fast as 2 year old Dell Precision 3620 Xeon E3-1270 V5 ?

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I am working on a project and my compilation time is 18 minutes on my 2 year old E5-1270V5 3.6Ghz

So I bought a brand new HP Z4 with an I9-7940X.

Both have 16 GB ram.

The brand new I9 compiles 1 minute faster (17 minutes) compared to the 2 year old midrange Xeon (18 minutes).

According to PassMark would there be a speed difference of 250% between the I9 and the old Xeon.

My question: what could be the cause ? Is the Xeon architecture that much more effective in cache management or thread scheduling or is there something else going on here?

The I9 has 14 processors, the Xeon has only 4.

Xeon has 4x4 GB 2133, I9 has 2x8 GB 2444

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​I forgot to add the program beïng compiled is a Quartus FPGA design.

Since this software is also provided by Intel i hope Intel can shed some ligth on this surprising situation.

The Z4 costs above 3000$ the Dell Precision I bought 2 years ago 1500$

Maybe this point needs to be retaken on another part of the forum.

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