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Brand new i5-4690k and damaged IHS?

Dear Intel Community members,

I recently bought two new i5-4690K and I noticed something on their IHS. It looks like a small black point, located on the left side, near "V" letter from "Vietnam". When you look closer you can see it's something like a crack. Also, when I touched it, I felt a barely perceptible recess (the surface is not smooth there).

I bought them in two different official Intel resellers, boxes were sealed from both sides as they should be, so they were brand new.

I took a pictures from one of it (X544C149), the second one (X544C157) has very similiar damage exactly in the same place (near V letter). Looking on their batch, they left the factory probably at the same time (date of production is 44th week of 2015 year). I haven't tested them yet because I'm a bit afraid. What it could be? Or should I start RMA? Thanks in advence.

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This is likely a scratch from the heat spreader mounting process. While it's certainly something that Intel will want to look at, I rather doubt that is it something that will affect operation. You've documented the issue, that's all you need to do at this point. Go ahead the test the parts. If there is an issue, then you should contact Intel Customer Support directly (i.e. not here) to discuss replacement. If you get to that point, here is contact information, by geography: @11 Intel Customer Support Contact Information for US and Canada Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Europe, Middle East and Africa Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Asia-Pacific Intel Customer Support Contact Information for Latin America


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Hello Luis_Garcia


This is to double check if you were able to reach our support team to check your products.




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