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CPU Incorrect Temperature

Hello, a while ago i opened up my Lenovo Thinkpad X230 and i found out the Thermal Paste was scattered throughout the CPU and it was so messy. By now i tested with a heat probe on the CPU and with Intel XTU benchmarking the CPU and the Intel XTU said it was 102ºC and the heat probe said it was 60ºC. Now, is there any way to solve that problem like making the CPU think its 40ºC less than really is or fixing the thermal sensors? The CPU is an Intel Core i5 3320M.
Its allways Thermal Throttling and i can't get a good performance. Please Help.
The GPU temps (Intel HD 4000) are good and they aren't messed up its only the CPU.

The CPU thermal paste is now well set and as it should.
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One problem:  Your processor is not supported by XTU.  XTU only supports X and K processors.

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Hello, yes I know it's not compatible. I just use the Intel XTU to benchmark and see when I got thermal throttling and that massive temp increase in less than 1 second.
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A probe on surface of CPU is measuring processor case temperature while XTU is displaying temperatures measured on the die itself. There will always be this much of a difference between them. 

Now that you have fresh TIM on the processor, if the system's blower(s) are operating properly, heat ducts are not block by dust and the system is properly configured for temperature response, you should not be seeing any overheating issues.



Everything is working propperly. The fan is working at the max allways when i open a process, thr heat tubes works because i tested too it makes water when the heat is there and the fan working and all that stuff its all new. But there is no way the temperature goes up like this in less than 1 second. The only thing is that the heat is so "high" and out of the fan isn't coming that much heat for 102ºC, it seems more like 60ºC or 70ºC more than 102ºC.

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It doesn't sound to me as if everything is alright. It sounds like heat is not being transferred from the processor to the heatsink. This can be because of improper connection or because heat pipes have failed. The latter is a common issue with age; I had it happen to a tower cooler a few years ago.

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