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CPU running abnormally high even in idle state


After a recent dell and windows update, my pc has been running abnormally high speeds in its CPU ranging from 3.44ghz to 3.99ghz even when in an idle state with no intensive or stress loading applications running. This has lead to an extreme amount of heat output to the point where if one touches the bottom of the pc to pick it up, it cause pain. The CPU I am running is a intel core i3 8th gen and the computer was bought in august of 2019. And due to this high amount of speeds, the pc is struggling to use browsers, open applications such as word or settings for windows, or simply even access volume and brightness settings. So my question is 1; what is causing this and why is it causing such high speed and such an extreme amount of heat, and 2; how do i prevent this from happening again and get the computer to be more stable? 

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Are you trying to use XTU?


So we can have more information about your system, Download, run, and save the results of this utility as a text file:

Then ATTACH the text file using the instructions under the reply window ( Drag and drop here or browse files to attach ).


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Hi, Looks like some kind of infinite loop.

I would not preclude some hardware related which may manifest itself in some kind

of  polling for memory-mapped register status change.


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