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Can an Intel atom desktop be used for gaming?


I have an old Compaq mini desktop from the early 2000s. The PC came with Windows XP on it, has 1GB of DDR2 ram (max supported upgrade is 2GB), and a single core Intel Atom 230 clocked at 1.6 GHz. This little desktop is very underpowered, so I thought about turning it into a mini emulation box.

I tested n64 and GBA emulator and both are sluggish and basically unplayable. The PC can't even handle DVD playback. Granted, the HDD failed a while back so I do currently have Windows 10 installed, but the same applied when I had lubuntu (stripped down version of ubuntu) installed.

Is it worth it to maybe try the Nvidia GT 710 GPU? Or is the processor so underpowered it wouldn't make a difference? The PC only has one PCIE x1 slot, and the 710 comes in a x1 model so it would be the best GPU upgrade.

Any other uses for this thing you guys can think of? The original Halo CE also runs at unplayable FPS.

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Itis time for you to part with this boat anchor.  Take it to a recycle facility.

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Is this a joke lol ? Recycle that piece of crap

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That's enough of that. You need to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone can afford to replace their systems.

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