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Can someone break down for me the intel CPU hierarchy?


So I mean the nomenclatures such as celeron, pentium, i3/5/7/9, xeon, etc. What are any others I missed, what actually do these names mean, and what is the difference between these identifiers and the "architecture" names such as haswell, skylake, etc. I know the architecture coincides with generation, so the 4th gen is haswell and is all of the 4xxx cpus. (I think, please correct me if i'm wrong.)

Just am getting in to this kind of stuff late and would like to have kind of a roadmap of the different generations (in a general sense, i dont mean actual architectural generations) of processors that have been made. As it stands, I know a good bit of current stuff, but I want to know more about the older and lower end brackets of CPU types. I don't even know where celeron stands in relation to pentium.

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Take a look at this, go through it, should answer whatever questions you have about the processors.