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Complain about overheat in Intel i5 8th Gen



I would like to make a complain about the processor Intel i5 8th Gen. So, recently I've bought a new laptop with this processor and it overheats too much (mainly when I play games), it has around 60ºC - 80ºC deppending on what I'm playing. I saw the max temperature of this processor is 100ºC and I don't understand why it can't be higher than 100 cause it's supossed to handle games, so it should be designed for that... To be honest, I feel a bit dissapointed because I was looking for a laptop with lower temperatures and I spent too much money on it (around $1000) This is the laptop I've bought in case anyone needs information in order to reply me (sorry, the site is in Spanish cause I bought it in Spain and I can't find this laptop in an English site, you can use the translator if needed).

Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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The temperatures 60ºC - 80ºC are still within specifications. It is expected the CPU will reach high temperatures while gaming. Depending on the design of the chassis and/or heatsink then the temperatures the CPU will reach. You may try contacting the ASUS* directly in order to check if they consider or not 60ºC - 80ºC as overheating. This link will give you their contact information



The following link will provide more information about overheating





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