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Core i5-540m issues?

Hi all,

I have an older laptop that may be having issues. It is a Dell E6410 with an i5-540m, 8GB Ram and a 120GB SSD.

It had been running Windows 8/8.1 for a while. Recently I got an SSD and decided to install Windows 7 on it.

Since then, the laptop base runs really hot.

When I run CPUz, it shows that the processor is running at 3.05 GHz (on a clean boot). This is the turbo range for this processor as it is a 2.53 GHz processor. Windows resource monitor does not show anything out of the ordinary. CPU usage is 2-6% but it also shows the processor running at around 95% maximum frequency. I don't know that it was doing this with Windows 8.1 because I never checked. The heat of the laptop caused me to look further into it.

My other laptops are Sandy/Ivy Bridge. They tend to run at 700-800MHz until they need to ramp up their speed.

I am running the latest version of the chipset processors. (Checked with the Intel Driver Update Utility)

For all I know this is normal behavior.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Core i5-540m issues?

I understand your processor is running under specifications based on Turbo boost feature.

Please bear in mind the heat of the processor will increase if Turbo boost is enabled, this processor was designed to run hot on this computer, the maximum processor temperature is 105°C.

At this stage, please make sure your processor temperature does not exceed maximum rating. Please monitor temperature at BIOS level or using monitoring temperature software from your computer manufacturer.

Please check this URL for information about processor heat issues:


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