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Core i7 965 TEMPERATURE SENSOR is DEAD !!!!!????

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As weird as this might sound, my cpu is not reporting anymore the temp !!! it's as if the temperature sensor is dead...

i have a Core i7 965 installed on an Asus P6T6WS Revolution bios 407.

Cpu is liquid cooled and thermal paste used is Arctic Silver 5.

The system is working fine everything is working fine... It used to idel @ 28 degree celcius and peak to 65 if really stressed.

And then suddnely one night the temp was 45 degree and kinda was stuck there... i rebooted my pc entered the bios and the temp was still 45 and not moving at all.

I shutdown the pc and turned it back on and now the temp is "0" all the time. tired removing the power and rebooting again and it's the same.

Wether i use the asus temp pc probe or sisoft sandra or check from the bios it's all the same. temp is "0".

If i put my hand on the water block it's running very cool even the water pipes and water itself it's all very cool.

Everything is working fine though...

Chipset temp is around 45.

Anyone any clue ? I couldn't find anything on google...

Some additional information about my cpu from "Cpu-z":

Code Name: Bloomfield

Revision: C0/C1

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Hi Rony,

Are you at least able to read the temperature from the BIOS? The monitoring software gets the values from the bios and the bios in turn gets them from the board.

Try to check with the board Manufacturer if there is any new bios that can fix this. Is there any monitoring tool from the board manufacturer that you can use to test?

If yes, and it is still not working properly, contact Asus for further support. If it was an Intel board, i would have told to use Intel monitoring software and contact Intel Customer Support

** I dont trust third party software **

All the best,