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Core i7-9800X shortage OR problems with model


I still can't find this CPU anywhere since january till today (march). All big sellers no matter which country they are have got them "Out of stock" or "Order on demand". When i talk with seller they told me same thing - they ordered it, but Intel don't ship it. So there is 2-4 weeks delay.


Only today i got information from one seller that there is problem with this CPU and this is the reason why Intel don't ship it to anyone.


So, what's the problem with i7-9800X and when it finally start to ship (probably fixed version OR new version)?


What to do people who already have got CPU with problem (for $599!), but don't know it?


P.S. I do care about problem since i have got plans to buy this CPU for my motherboard. Recommended CPU price is $599 (for BOX) and next CPU in family are Core i9-9820X ($899) and Core i9-9900X which is cost more then i planned.



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As far as I know, there are no problems with the processor and it is simply the shortages affecting Intel that are limiting its availability. The only issue I have read about is regarding a supposed limitation in PCIe bandwidth. This is just the usual argument regarding the differences between Core and Xeon family processors and the number of PCIe lanes that they expose.


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