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Cpu 110c damage?

Hey, so my cpu reached 110c when I was playing. I can't tell for how long it was but it couldn't be for longer than 7minutes, it probably varried between 100-110c,
But if it was 7min straight on 110c could there be any potential damage from it ?
I have an i7 13700k and from what I know is that up to 100c is "ok" but I'm kinda worried I might accidently did damage it with the 110c or is it "fine" since it was just for about 7minutes? Or are those 10c more actually going to destroy the whole performance.
I tested in Minecraft before and after there were no performance changes but I'd still like to hear a meaning from a professional. Thanks.
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First of all, let's talk about Tjmax, the maximum junction temperature. Tjmax is the temperature at which the processor starts to throttle processor performance (lowering clock speeds) in order to lower temperatures. It is also the highest representable temperature for the Digital Thermal Sensors (DTS) in the processor. Now, folks talk about 100c because this is the most common Tjmax temperature. In fact, though, the Tjmax temperature can vary from one individual processor to another. Bottom line, the fact that you have seen 110c displayed simply means that your processor happens to have a higher Tjmax, namely this 110c, and the 100c doesn't apply in this case.

Regardless of the differing Tjmax temperature, seeing temperatures this high is still concerning. But, it would take the processor spending much more significant amounts of time at this temperature before it will have any affect on the lifetime of the processor. That said, you still need to do something about these temperatures. It is an indicator that the processor is not being sufficiently cooled. This can be caused by a inadequate cooling solution, a poorly installed cooling solution or a poorly configured cooling solution. Presuming you have an adequate quality solution, you need to look at its installation and you need to look at the configuration of this solution within the motherboard (BIOS) configuration.

Hope this helps,


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