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Cpu shortage 2


Hello the replies i got in my original post, i canot reply to? NO your solutions did nothing, let alone explain anything, i went to some of those vendors, was no help, i emailed them and no reply either. I think it's a Fake shortage to drive up the supply and demand, you released the 10980xe in november 2019, and i still can't get it. you probably want to sell through all the old stock first. Now i just had to pay $750 for a 10900K because the same no stock/shortage. This is Wrong, You are letting us down Intel. when you should be filling the Demand, and AMD is taking your customers. NOT Cool. 

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Hello JTims1, 


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We apologize that you have not been able to find the processor that you are looking for. As mentioned in the previous thread, we do not manage the product stock availability for our end users, they are managed by our Authorized Distributors and Approved Suppliers instead, or with different preferred vendors.  


So I can check internally if there is a different way to get these products for you, can you please confirm if you are working on a specific project that will need these processors? If yes, can you please share a brief description of it? Approximately, how many units are you planning to get?  




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I am just a devout promoter and buyer of intel, i was watercooling and dooing mods well before youtube like 2000. I only need 1 10980XE processor to finish my X299 build, my Ram is ariving today , 128 gigs of gskill. i have the asus ws sage 10g i bought a year ago, i planned on buying the 10980xe when it came out in November last year, still havent been able to get 1. i have it backordered since april with and they just keep pushing the date along. this new system is to replace my X99 wich has been going strong for 5 years i think? with a 6 core. I do all kinds of testing and audio video routing and vr. I think i was the first to do a live stream of 4K 4 quadrant to youtube years ago. I could of been a Linus Tech Tips before him, but i have been busy. Im a avid Fan of thunderbolt and have been helping people with it on PC since we got thunderbolt 2 many years ago. well anyways, if you could help, it would be nice, thank you. P.S i Just bought a 10900K from silicon lottery for $750 delided, im building a Z490 also. I love Intel and have faith in your company.

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im not looking to over pay, duh amazon got those prices and newegg. well thanks for nothing. my order from shopblt is $1,035 ill wait, the intel guy pointed me to his vendors that dont even return emails. Intel needs to Build a Factory in the USA!

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Yea, this is 3rd-party vendors setting (gouging) prices. They can get away with it because Amazon and NewEgg have no inventory. I agree that both Amazon and NewEgg should do some pricing management. I also agree that this reflects badly on them.

i just payed a markup from silicon lottery, because it was worth it, guaranteed 5 ghz and delided I9 10900k  for $750.  B&H and amazon want similar price for a stock cpu.