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Current/EDP limit Throttling always on


I have a new HP Pavilion X360, with an i5 10210u cpu in it, 16gb of DDR4 2666 ram, samsung I think,n Im running windows 10 which came on it but likely going to Upgrade to 11.

My question is this: I downloaded Intel XTU, and i see that constantly, almost from the time i turn the computer on, that it says it is "Currrent/EDP Limit Throttling", and sometimes it will say and occasionally "Thermal Throtttling", and  "Power Limit Throttling". Im not sure exactly how to fix this or what it means, but the computer is basically brand new, and seems to run fairly ok, Im just concerned about what it is causing this?

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You do know that your processor is not supported by XTU, correct?


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There is an intel article about this. Take a look at the details:


For thermal Thermal Throttling, this could be because you have "wrong" settings in the BIOS for the cooler/fan and perhaps you need to adjust them. Could be also that the room where you have the computer is not adequate (too hot/high environmental temps? not proper air flow, etc.). Another possibility is that the computer has a poor thermal solution design, and this is due to cheap implementations of thermal solutions and the solely responsibility for this is HP.


Check if you have the latest BIOS update and proper BIOS settings... You may also consider a laptop cooling pad in case the laptop is having overheating issues (some users said it help reducing temps around 10-15C grades)


none of these solutions seem to work or apply, except for maybe the BIOS answer. How do I check to see what BIOS version I have and if in fact it is the newest or at least most CORRECT version for my specific computer? I do not recall seeing any options pertaining to any of these settings in my BIOS, as I also have a very short-handed, slimmed down and not very encompassing or customizable BIOS version on my computer, it is the one that came installed in my laptop when I got it, so ..Also I would like to ask, is there a way, one of course that will work correctly and succesfully as opposed to just creating MORE issues for myself, a way to download and install OTHER, more customizable and in-depth versions of BIOS that would be compatible with my computer? If so, where woud i obtain those from, how would i go about installing them, and what bios software would one suggest for the computer I have as I have previosuly described it and identified it specifically? Any help with this would be immensely appreciated. Also, I have been utilizing a laptop coolingpad from the get go, and so i kno thats not the issue. Please help me with this


If I may offer input here, any questions, downloads and instructions related to the BIOS should be addressed to the laptop manufacturer. Each OEM customizes their BIOS and laptop features with different designs. Please contact them for more information.


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The report shows that you have bios F06 and it seems some newer versions are available, HP websites is showing latest version as F.11 if the info I found was correct, which I advise you confirm with HP:


Sorry but I won't be able to guide you on the BIOS settings, those change from one system to another. If this is applicable for your laptop, perhaps you may check your laptop's documentation or ask HP support...