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DDR4 Memory Speed Max for i9 12900K


Hello All, 

I purchased an Asus Z690 Plus D4 motherboard capable of handling DDR4 up to 5300 overclocking (OC). In reading the memory spec's on the Intel site for the i9 12900K, it states "Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s" .  I'm a bit confused on this. I though the 12900K was OC capable!  Need help in building this computer. I just want to know what the best memory to get and not cause an issue with the board nor the chip. Thanks for your help..

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The published speed is the highest speed at which Intel validates and warrants the processor to run. Most are certainly capable of running at higher speeds using XMP profiles, but this is not guaranteed to work (the quality of the motherboard plays a significant role in determining what will and will not work). As well, it needs to be understood that the use of XMP profiles is considered to be a form of overclocking. This can reduce the lifetime of your processor and it is also possible that this will invalidate your warranty.

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