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Data wanted on Intel Xeon Platinum 8171M SR3LZ 2.6GHZ


I just bought a couple of the above 26-core CPUs from eBay. Looking at the following website

this processor has a pretty impressive performance, although they only have data on a dual CPU configuration.

Single thread performance 2109

Overall performance 57,780.

The same website has a list of dual-processor machines,

A computer with a pair of these CPUs is the 10th highest performance of any dual-processor configuration they have results for, and the 5th highest of any dual-processor Intel CPU configuration.

I expect I am going to be told

  1. It's an Intel confidential CPU so there's no support from Intel
  2. I should buy CPUs from an authorised distributor
  3. Contact the seller for information.

However, please understand, at 10% of the price of a new CPU with similar performance, it is very attractive to buy some of these more obscure CPUs for a home-computer  It's not a QS or ES CPU, and is not marked confidential.

Anyway, I thought I would ask if there's any information available on this CPU. I'm not expecting any, but we have a saying in the UK "If you don't ask, you don't get", so there is no harm in asking.

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Hello drkirkby,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. 

I understand that you are looking for some documentation for the Intel Xeon Platinum 8171M. There are some processors that were made especially for certain OEMs in order to gather the requirements needed and requested by the OEM (For example HP, DELL, Lenovo, etc).

Depending on where the processor was installed (Dell, Lenovo, HP servers) it's recommended to contact the manufacturer of the system where the processor was installed in order to get technical support information.

It's worth mentioning that it's recommended to buy Intel products from authorized resellers.

Since the processor is part of the Intel® Xeon® Platinum you may use that datasheet as a reference.


Adrian M.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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